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Design for Print

Brochure Report Design in Muscat, Oman

Openmind are specialists in designing brochures and company profiles, booklets, annual reports, guides, manuals, and newsletters.

As with Stationary Design, a well designed brochure can make a big difference when trying to close a sale. It needs to produce the right response whilst telling your story and positioning your brand correctly.

A successful brochure design informs and conveys by representing lots of information in a simple way, at the same time as persuading your clients to choose you, not your competition.

Bad brochures are often a wasted investment and quickly find themselves in your client’s waste paper bins. How often have you been given a brochure you didn’t take a second look at?

Quality brochure designing is much more than text, photos and paper. It should use words that evoke commitment, photography that inspires and textures that stimulate.

At Openmind, we make sure we understand your company before we start designing to create a brochure that avoids waste paper bins and delivers results.