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3 Reasons To Develop A Mobile App For Your Business

Developing a mobile app for your business can be a powerful way of promoting your brand and reaching out to new customers you may never have been able to connect with otherwise. Beyond blogging, social media and search engine optimisation, a mobile app for your business can offer a much more dynamic marketing experience that customers remember.

With the smartphone market in the Middle East now reaching around 60% penetration in most GCC countries, now has never been a better time to start developing a mobile app for your company or organisation. Take a look at these three positive effects that quality mobile app development can add to your business.


1] Increase Brand Loyalty

A mobile app is an innovative way of leveraging your brand (and its products or services), and putting it only one tap away from you potential new customers and loyal followers alike. So what type of app should businesses looking to create better brand awareness develop?

Essentially, your app’s theme should remain relevant to your product or service offering whilst ensuring that you are helping to improve or make some part of your customers’ lives easier. Applications that do these two things successfully will be used by again and again, possibly several times a day by people who come to appreciate its value. Not only does this help keep your brand and logo design at the top of people’s minds, it also will generate a long-lasting loyalty to and appreciation of your products or services.

2] Mass Marketing for Mini-Budgets

Traditional forms of marketing campaign by print and radio can be unnecessarily expensive for any company’s marketing budget and do not always reach your intended recipient.
More and more organisations are now investing in mobile app development as powerful and targeted part of their digital marketing strategy. A mobile app can reach many, many more potential customers for a price than a printed advertisement could begin to compete with.

Combine this with increased word of mouth from enthusiastic users and including social sharing buttons in your app and you have a self- perpetuating marketing campaign generated by your loyal customers. You app will soon be at the top of the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store ‘Most Popular’ lists – all for your comparatively small investment in the application’s development. Just be sure you are working with a quality developer who with a good understanding of your requirements (such as us!).

3] Engage Your Customers

With your new application trending on all the app stores, now comes the opportunity to harness the power of your widely distributed social platform.

By building Push Notifications into your app you have the ability to send mass notifications to all of your mobile app users whether these are about an upcoming promotion or an invitation to an event. A message such as this can be sent to potentially thousands, if not millions of users at zero cost. In any case, it is important to include an opt-out button to make sure you are not unintentionally spamming your customers.

Another social tool that can be incorporated into mobile apps is a feedback service. This facility can allow your company to receive market insights on your products or services from your users. Using feedback paths as part of your mobile app will allow your company to generate valuable market research on just how you are doing.

Allowing your customers to communicate with you in a convenient way can make them feel in control of their interactions with you and make them feel closer to your brand.

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